The territories of the Franconian Circle

The Franconian Circle (German: Fränkischer Reichskreis) was an Imperial Circle of the Holy Roman Empire. It was created in 1500.



Arms-Hohenzollern-Fränken AnsbachMargraviate
Arms-Bamberg-Diocese BambergBishopric
Arms-Hohenzollern-Fränken BayreuthMargraviate
Arms-Castell CastellCounty
Arms-Eichstätt-Diocese EichstättBishopric
Arms-Erbach1 ErbachCounty
Arms-Hausen-Franconia HausenLordship174. - 1806
Arms-Henneberg HennebergPrincely County
Arms-Hohenlohe-Neuenstein Hohenlohe-NeuensteinCounty
Arms-Hohenlohe-Weikersheim Hohenlohe-WaldenburgCounty
Arms-Limpurg LimpurgCounty
Arms-Löwenstein-Wertheim Löwenstein-Wertheim-RochefortPrincipality1712 - 1806; Personalist
Arms-Teutonic-Order MergentheimAdministrative territory of the Teutonic Order
Arms-Nuremberg NurembergFree City
Arms-Rieneck RieneckCounty
Arms-RothenburgTauber Rothenburg ob der TauberFree City
Arms-Schwarzenberg SchwarzenbergPrincipality
Arms-Schweinfurt SchweinfurtFree City
Arms-Seinsheim SeinsheimBarony
Arms-Weissenburg-Nordgau Weissenburg im NordgauFree City
WelzheimLordship17.. - 1806
Arms-Wertheim2 WertheimCounty
Arms-Windsheim WindsheimFree City
Arms-Würzburg-Diocese2 WürzburgBishopric

Former Estates of the Franconian CircleEdit



Arms-Comburg-Provostry ComburgProvostry
Arms-Geyer GeyerCounty1693 - 1707
Arms-Hohenzollern-Fränken NurembergBurgraviate
St Ägidien in NurembergAbbey

Franconian Circle
Ecclesiastical Princes
Bamberg | Eichstätt | Mergentheim | Würzburg

Temporal Princes
Ansbach | Bayreuth | Henneberg | Hohenlohe-Waldenburg
Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort | Schwarzenberg

Counts and Lords
Castell | Erbach | Hausen | Hohenlohe-Neuenstein | Limpurg | Reichelsberg | Rieneck
Seinsheim | Welzheim | Wertheim | Wiesentheid

Imperial Cities
Nuremberg | Rothenburg | Schweinfurt | Weissenburg | Windsheim

Earlier Members
Comburg | Geyer | Nuremberg | St Ägidien

Imperial Circles
Austrian | Bavarian | Burgundian | Electoral Rhenish | Franconian | Lower Rhenish-Westphalian
Lower Saxon | Swabian | Upper Rhenish | Upper Saxon