Ferdinand Charles (1628 - 1662) was the Count of the Tyrol from 1632 until 1662.

Ferdinand Charles was born on 17 May 1628 to Archduke Leopold V of the Tyrol and Claudia de' Medici. As he was an infant when his father died, his mother held the governorial duties until Ferdinand Charles came of age in 1646. He hed an expensive and extravagant lifestyle which proved difficult to finance. He quickly squandered the exorbitant sum of money the French had to pay to obtain the Habsburg possessions in Alsace (Sundgau and Nordgau) and Breisach. He was an absolutist ruler, held no diet after 1648, and had his chancellor Wilhelm Biener illegally executed after a secret trial in 1651. He fixed the border with the Graubünden in 1652. Ferdinand Charles died in Kaltern on 30 December 1662 and was succeeded by his brother Sigismund Francis.

Ferdinand Charles of Austria
Born: 17 May 1628 Died: 30 December 1662
Preceded by
Leopold V
Archduke of Further Austria
Count of the Tyrol

Succeeded by
Sigismund Francis