Union of the Lower and Upper Kingdom (Egypt)

First Punic War (Western Mediterranean)

Classical Age (Greece)

Jesus of Nazareth is Executed (Israel)

Great Wall Completed (China)

Fall of Rome (Rome)

Mohammed's Hegira (Arabia)

Joan of Arc is Executed (France)

Siege of Constantinople (Byzantium)

Shakespeare Dies (England)

Peter the Great Defeats Sweden (Russia)

French Revolution (France)

Mexico Defeats France (Mexico)

American Civil War  (America)

Bolshevik Revolution (Russia)

Treaty of Versailles Ends WWI (France)

United Nations Established (America)

Unification of East and West (Germany)

Terrorist Attack on 9/11/01 (America)

Second Gulf War (Iraq)

World War I (Worldwide)

World War II (Worldwide)

Korean War (Korea)

Iran-Iraq War (Iranian-Iraqi border)

Space Race (United States and Soviet Union)

Cold War (United States and Soviet Union)

Great Depression (United States)

Black Death (Europe)

Russian Civil War (Russian Empire)

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