Engelbert II of Falkenburg (German: Engelbert II von Falkenstein) (c. 1220 - 1274) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1261 until 1274.

Early lifeEdit

Engelbert II was the youngest son of Count Theodoric I of Heinsberg. In 1253 Engelbert became the Archdeacon of the cathedral of Liège, and in 1257 became the Provost of Cologne.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Engelbert II was elected the Archbishop of Cologne on 2 October 1261. Immediately he became involved in disputes with the patricians of the city of Cologne. In 1263 his attempts were repulsed, and he was banned from the city in 1268. Thereafter he established Bonn as the capital of the archdiocese. In 1266 he granted amnesty to Jews, allowing them the use of the cemetery at Bonn. After losing the Battle of Zülpich in 17 October 1267 in which the Dukes of Jülich allied with the city of Cologne, Engelbert was kept prisoner in the castle Nideggen until 16 April 1271. In 1273 Engelbert crowned Duke Rudolph I of Habsburg the German king. In 1274 he participated at the Second Council of Lyon, and died later that year. He was buried in Bonn Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Engelbert II of Falkenburg

Succeeded by:

Conrad of Hochstaden Archbishop of Cologne
1261 - 1274
Sigfried of Westerburg

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