Daniel Bredel of Homburg (1523 - 22 March 1582) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 1555 until 1582.

Daniel Bredel was born in Aschaffenburg in 1523. On 22 April 1555 he was elected the Archbishop of Mainz over a slim lead over the Lutheran-leaning Richard of Simmern. In 1561 Daniel replaced the faculty and staff of the University of Mainz with Jesuits. He also founded a university in Heiligenstadt, near the formerly Protestant Eichsfeld, in 1575. Daniel was a proponent of the Counter-Reformation and the Council of Trent, although he also worked to purchase the counties of Rieneck and Eppstein-Königstein for the archbishopric. Daniel died in Aschaffenburg in 1582 and was buried in Mainz cathedral.

Preceded by:

Daniel Bredel of Homburg

Succeeded by:

Sebastian of Heusenstamm Archbishop of Mainz
1555 - 1582
Wolfgang of Dalberg