Cuno I of Pfullingen (German: Kuno I. von Pfullingen) (c. 1016 - 1 June 1066) was the Archbishop of Trier from April to June in 1066.

Cuno was appointed by the Emperor Henry IV through the influence of his uncle, Anno II, Archbishop of Cologne the Archbishop of Trier in 1066 after the death of Eberhard. As the appointment took place without consulting the people, aristocracy or the priesthood, it generated great displeasure in the archdiocese.

On 18 May Cuno and his ministers were travelling through the archdiocese guided by Theodoric of Luxembourg when he was taken prisoner, and later killed. After a temporary funeral in Lösnich, his body was later transferred and intered in the Abbey of Tholey. Due to his great unpopularity and the relative disinterest of both the Pope and Emperor, Cuno's murderers lived with relatively few consequences.

Preceded by:

Cuno I of Pfullingen

Succeeded by:

Eberhard Archbishop of Trier
Udo of Nellenburg

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