Cuno II of Falkenstein (German: Kuno II. von Falkenstein; his real name was actually Conrad (Konrad)) (c. 1320 - 21 May 1388) was the Archbishop of Trier from 1362 until 1388.

Cuno was born in Falkenstein am Donnersberg to Count Cuno I of Falkenstein and Münzenberg and Joanna of Saarwerden. In 1325 he became a member of the cathedral, in 1345 a scholar, and in 1348 a provost of the cathedral chapter in Mainz. As a supporter of Henry III of Virneburg of Mainz, Cuno became a named opponent of the elderly Trevorian archbishop Bohemond II of Saarbrücken. On 4 April 1360 Cuno was appointed Bohemond's coadjutor, and on 27 May 1362 he was appointed his successor. Cuno also became the coadjutor of the Archbishopric of Cologne in 1363, which needed assistance against the rebelling cities of Andernach and Linz am Rhein, and remained so until 1368. In 1371 he ensured his nephew Frederick III of Saarwerden became the archbishop of Cologne. Cuno prevented the city of Trier from gaining imperial immediacy, and he acquired several territories for the archbishopric. He resigned in 1388, and died shortly after. He was buried in St Kastor in Coblenz, and was succeeded by his nephew Werner of Falkenstein.

Preceded by:

Cuno II of Falkenstein

Succeeded by:

Bohemond II of Saarbrücken Archbishop of Trier
1362 - 1388
Werner of Falkenstein