Count Nicholas of Esterházy (German: Graf Nicolaus Esterházy von Galántha; Hungarian: Ispán Miklós Eszterházy de Galántha) (1583 - 1645) was the Count of Esterházy von Galántha (1626 - 1645) and the Count Palatine of Hungary (1625 - 1645).

Count Nicholas was born in Galántha in 1583. Originally Protestant, he converted to Roman Catholicism and married twice for money, greatly expanding the lands, wealth and power of the family. He vehemently opposed the Protestant champions Gábor Bethlen and György Rákóczi I, and was a firm supporter in freeing Hungary from the Turks through consolidating Habsburg dynastic power. Count Nicholas was appointed Count Palatine of Hungary in 1625 at the Diet of Sopron. In 1626 Count Nicholas, and the other heads of the lines of the House of Esterházy, was raised to a Count.

After his death in 1645, his line of the House of Esterházy partitioned into elder and younger lines. The Elder line was headed by his third son Paul.

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new creation (partitioned from Esterházy) Esterházy von Galántha-Fraknó
1626 - 1645
? Count Palatine of Hungary
1625 - 1645