Count Christian Siegmund of Wurmbrand-Stuppach (German: Graf Christian Siegmund von Wurmbrand-Stuppach) was the son of Count John Eustace and the brother of Count John Joseph William. Christian Siegmund became the treasurer of King Frederick Augustus of Poland and Saxony. In 1704, he entered the service of the Austrian Habsburgs, and fought in the War of Spanish Succession. Captured and imprisoned in Ettlingen in 1707, he gained special favour with Prince Eugene of Savoy and fought the Turks for the Austrians. In 1716, he fought in the Siege of Temesvar with Prince Eugene, and with the cities fall that year he brought the news of success to Vienna. During the Polish War of Succession he already had the rank of a Field Marshall Lieutenant, and he was an Interim Commandant of the Imperial Army in 1734 in the defence of Grevenberg against the French led by Bellisle. In 1735, he was put in charge of the Imperial Cavalry. Christian Siegmund died in 1737, and in his will had his extensive fortune returned to Steyersberg.