Christian II of Bolanden (also called Christian II of Wiesenau) (1179 - 1253) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 1249 until 1251.

Siegfried III of Eppstein, Archbishop of Mainz, died in 1249 and both Pope Innocent IV and King Henry II announced their desire that Conrad of Hochstaden, Archbishop of Cologne, succeed him. But the cathedral chapter rejected Conrad, preventing two of the most powerful territories in Germany to fall into one's hands. Therefore Pope Innocent IV instead tried to manouvre Henry II of Leiningen, Bishop of Speyer, but the chapter rejected him also and elected Christian instead.

Christian had little desire to join the war against the Hohenstaufens as his home lands were plundered, and only did so unwillingly. Around Easter in 1251 King Henry II, Pope Innovent IV, Arnold II of Isenburg-Braunsberg (Archbishop of Trier), and Henry of Leiningen met and complained about the conduct of Christian. In 1251 a legate from Sabina was sent, and he managed to secure Christian's resignation in exchange for a large payment. Christian died two years later in Paris.

Preceded by:

Christian II of Bolanden

Succeeded by:

Siegfried III of Eppstein Archbishop of Mainz
1249 - 1251
Gerard I of Dhaun