Pre- Colonial Canada (prehistory- 1600 CE)

Early Colonial Canada (1600- 1763)

British Imperial Canada (1763- 1849)

Confederation Period in Canada (1849- 1867)

Post Confederation Canada (1867- 1945)

Modern Canada (1945–present)



Canadian aboriginals have inhabited Canada since at least 24 500 BC (in the northern regions). They were undisturbed until around 1000 AD, when Vikings came from overseas to L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. They did not stay for long, and for almost 500 years, Canada was inhabited only by the Aboriginals. in 1497, John Cabot, an Italian sailor, came to Canada's Atlantic regions. This started Europeans flocking to Canada for land.

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Capital: Ottawa.

PM: Mr Steven Harper (Calgary), Conservative, since 2006. Official opposition: NDP (socialist)

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