Bruno IV of Sayn (German: Bruno IV von Sayn) (c1165 - 1208) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1205 until 1208.

Early lifeEdit

Bruno IV was a son of Count Eberhard I of Sayn. In 1176 he was mentioned as being a steward in Cologne. He received further honours in becoming the Provost of the Abbacy of St. Maria ad Gradus in Cologne in 1180, a Provost in Coblenz in 1182, a Provost in Bonn in 1192, and a Provost in St. Marien in Aachen in 1198. Bruno was a supporter of the Welfs against the Hohenstaufens, and he was sent as the envoy of the Welf king Otto IV of Brunswick to Rome in 1199.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Bruno IV was elected the Archbishop of Cologne on 25 July 1205. After the Battle of Wassenberg he was taken prisoner by the German king Philip of Swabia, and was only released in 1207. During his internment Adolph I of Berg, the previous archbishop of Cologne, ran the archbishopric, and with Bruno's return was loath to surrender power. After meetings failed to bring about a solution, Bruno and Adolph travelled to Rome to argue their case. Pope Innocent III recognised the tenure of Adolph but left Bruno as the Archbishopr. Philip of Swabia was murdered soon after, and Bruno returned triumphant to Cologne in September. He died soon after on 2 November 1208 and was buried in the Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Bruno IV of Sayn

Succeeded by:

Adolph I of Berg Archbishop of Cologne
1205 - 1208
Theodoric I of Hengebach

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