Bruno I (925 - 965) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 953 until 965, the Duke of Lotharingia (sometimes called "Lorraine") from 953 until 959, and was the Bishop of Metz from 962 until 964. Bruno is one of the most well-known Archbishops of Cologne.

Early lifeEdit

Bruno I was the youngest son of King Henry I the Fowler of Germany, and was the brother of the future king and Emperor Otto I the Great. In early childhood he was entered into the church under the tutelage of Baldric, the Bishop of Utrecht. In 939 his brother appointed him an advisor of the Empire and it was here he received training from many bishops such as the Bishops of Verona. Bruno became recognised as one of the most educated men in Europe. He was appointed the Arch-Chancellor of Germany in 940, a position he held until 953. In 951 he was also made the Arch-Chaplain of the Empire.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Bruno was appointed the Archbishop of Cologne in 953. In early September of 953 his brother appointed him the Duke of Lotharingia, one of the most powerful regions in the Empire. In 954 he replaced Gerberga of Saxony as the regent of King Lothar II of France, and in 956 was made the guardian of Hugh Capet, the future King of France. On 26 May 961 he crowned his nephew Otto II the King of Germany in Aachen. During Otto the Great's absence that year he was worried with the Archbishop of Mainz William about the younger Otto and the Empire. From 962 until 964 he was also the Bishop of Metz. Bruno died in 965 while on a diplomatic mission to Reims and according to his wishes was buried in the Church of St. Pantaleon.

Preceded by:

Bruno I

Succeeded by:

Wigfried Archbishop of Cologne
953 - 965

Conrad the Red

Duke of Lotharingia
953 - 959

Godfrey I the Captive
in Lower Lotharingia
Frederick I
in Upper Lotharingia
Adalberon I of Bar Bishop of Metz
962 - 964
Theoderic I of Franconia