The Bavarian Circle (German: Bayrischer Reichskreis) was an Imperial Circle of the Holy Roman Empire. It was created in 1500. The largest and most important state in the Circle was the Duchy of Bavaria (later raised to an electorate), although the Archbishopric of Salzburg, the Count Palatinates of Neuburg and Sulzbach, and the Imperial City of Regensburg were also of importance.



Arms-Bavaria BavariaDuchyBavarian Wittelsbach hereditary land
Arms-Berchtesgaden-Provostry BerchtesgadenProvostry
BreiteneckLordship1649 - 1806
Arms-Stauf-Ehrenfels EhrenfelsLordship
Arms-Freising-Diocese FreisingBishopric
Arms-Haag HaagCountyAnnexed to Bavaria in 1567
Arms-Leuchtenberg LeuchtenbergLandgraviate
Arms-Palatinate-Neuburg NeuburgDuchy1505 - 1806
Niedermünster in RegensburgAbbey
Arms-Obermünster-Abbey Obermünster in RegensburgAbbey
Arms-Ortenburg1 OrtenburgCounty
Arms-Passau PassauBishopric
Arms-Regensburg-Diocese RegensburgBishopric
Arms-Regensburg RegensburgFree City
Arms-Salzburg-State SalzburgArchbishopric
Arms-StEmmeran-Abbey St Emmeran in RegensburgAbbey
Arms-Sternstein SternsteinCounty1642 - 1806
Arms-Palatinate-Zweibrücken SulzbachDuchy1697 - 1806
Arms-Wolfstein Sulzbürg and PyrbaumLordship

Former Estates of the Bavarian CircleEdit



Arms-Chiemsee-Diocese ChiemseeBishopric
Arms-Degenberg DegenbergLordship1500 - 1602
Kaisheim (Kaisersheim)Abbey

Bavarian Circle
Ecclesiastical Bench
Berchtesgaden | Freising | Niedermünster | Obermünster | Passau
Regensburg (bishopric) | St. Emmeram | Salzburg

Secular Bench
Bavaria | Breiteneck | Ehrenfels | Haag | Hohenwaldeck | Leuchtenberg | Neuburg
Ortenburg | Regensburg (city) | Sternstein | Sulzbach | Sulzbürg and Pyrbaum

Earlier Members
Chiemsee | Degenberg | Kaisheim | Mönchröden | Waldsassen

Imperial Circles
Austrian | Bavarian | Burgundian | Electoral Rhenish | Franconian | Lower Rhenish-Westphalian
Lower Saxon | Swabian | Upper Rhenish | Upper Saxon

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