The Austrian Circle (German: Österreichischer Reichskreis) was an Imperial Circle of the Holy Roman Empire. It was created in 1512, and was largely coterminous with the hereditary lands of the House of Habsburg.



Arms-Teutonic-Order On the AdigeBailiwickAdministrative bailiwick of the Teutonic Order
Arms-Teutonic-Order AustriaBailiwickAdministrative bailiwick of the Teutonic Order
Arms-Brixen BrixenBishopric
Arms-Carinthia CarinthiaDuchyHabsburg hereditary land
Arms-Carniola CarniolaMargraviateHabsburg hereditary land
Arms-Chur-Diocese ChurBishopric
Arms-Friuli FriuliDuchyHabsburg hereditary land
Arms-Austria Further AustriaCollective region of Habsburg hereditary lands
Arms-Austria-Lower Lower AustriaArchduchyHabsburg hereditary land
Arms-Styria StyriaDuchyHabsburg hereditary land
Arms-Tarasp TaraspLordship
Arms-Trent TrentBishopric
Arms-Tyrol TyrolCountyHabsburg hereditary land
Arms-Austria-Upper Upper AustriaArchduchyHabsburg hereditary land

Former Estates of the Austrian CircleEdit



Arms-Austria AustriaArchduchyHabsburg hereditary land
Arms-Gradisca GradiscaPrincely CountyTo Eggenberg from 1653 - 1717
Arms-Gurk-Diocese GurkBishopric
Arms-Hardeck2 Hardegg (Hardeck)County
Arms-Lavant-Diocese LavantBishopric
Arms-Losenstein2 LosensteinBarony
Arms-Rogendorf RogendorfLordship
Arms-Schaumberg SchaumbergCounty
Arms-Seckau-Diocese SeckauBishopric
Arms-Wolckenstein-Rodenegg Wolckenstein-RodeneggBarony

Austrian Circle
on the Adige | Austria (bailiwick) | Breisgau | Brixen | Carinthia | Carniola | Chur | Friuli
Further Austria | Gorizia | Lower Austria | Styria | Tarasp | Trent | Tyrol | Upper Austria

Earlier Members:
Austria (archduchy) | Gradisca | Gurk | Hardegg | Lavant | Losenstein | Rogendorf
Schaunberg | Seckau | Wolkenstein-Rodenegg

Imperial Circles
Austrian | Bavarian | Burgundian | Electoral Rhenish | Franconian | Lower Rhenish-Westphalian
Lower Saxon | Swabian | Upper Rhenish | Upper Saxon

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