Arnold of Selenhofen (c.1100 - 24 June 1160) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 1153 until 1160.

Arnold was educated in Paris. He was made a member of the cathedral of Mainz and later the treasurer of the city. He was further promoted to become the cathedral provost and with the favour of King Conrad III in 1151 was made a chancellor of the Empire. In 1153 Frederick I Barbarossa appointed him the archbishop of Mainz. Arnold was energetic and inconsiderate in his rulership of the archdiocese, and he taxed it heavily to help finance the campaigns of Frederick Barbarossa in Italy where he worked to get recognition for the German Antipope. However the city of Mainz rebelled while he was away, and he had to leave early. He entered into negotiations with the insurgents and was allowed into the city, but he was killed by a mob in the Abbey of St Jacob. He was buried in St Maria ad gradus.

Preceded by:

Henry I Felix of Harburg

Succeeded by:

Henry I Felix of Harburg Archbishop of Mainz
1153 - 1160
Rudolph of Zähringen