Arnold I of Valencourt (German: Arnaud I. von Valancourt) (c. 1120 - 25 May 1183) was the Archbishop of Trier from 1169 until 1183.

Arnold came from the Rhenish aristocracy, and was closely related to many influential and famous people of the time (such as Hildegard of Bingen).

He was educated in St Andreas in Cologne, and was later made a canon at the cathedral in Aachen. In 1169 he was elected the Archbishop of Trier, with large support from the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa. During his reign he took especial interest in the Abbey of Himmerod and the Triergau.

In 1179 he took part in the Third Council of the Lateran, which was attended by 301 other bishops.

Arnold died in Trier in 1183. During his life, he was considered generous and good-natured.

Preceded by:

Succeeded by:

Hillin of Fallemanien Archbishop of Trier
1169 - 1183
Folmar of Karden