Anthony Victor of Austria (German: Anton Viktor von Österreich) (1779 - 1835) was the Archbishop-elect of Cologne from 1801 until 1803 and the Bishop-elect of Münster from 1801 until 1803..

Early lifeEdit

Anthony Victor was the eighth son of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I of Austria. In 1801 he was elected the Archbishop of Cologne and the Bishop of Münster, although he never ruled in either due to Prussian opposition and the bishoprics were secularised in 1803.

Preceded by:

Anthony Victor of Austria

Succeeded by:

Maximilian Francis of Austria Archbishop-elect of Cologne
1801 - 1803
Ferdinand August von Spiegel
Maximilian Francis of Austria Bishop-elect of Münster
1801 - 1803
Ferdinand von Lüninck

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