The Angles were a barbarian Germanic tribe. They settled in what is today England. They are the originators of the English language. England is named after them (Angleland).

Name Edit

The name of the Angles was initially recorded in Latinized structure, as Anglii, in the Germania of Tacitus. It is thought to get from the name of the territory they initially occupied: Angeln in advanced German, Angel in Danish. This name has been speculated to start from the Germanic pull for "narrow".Another hypothesis is that the name signified "snare", as in plotting for fish; Julius Pokorny, a noteworthy Indo-European etymologist, gets it from *ang-, "twist" (see lower leg).

Gregory the Great in an epistle rearranged the Latinised name Anglii to Angli, the last shape forming into the favored type of the word. The nation remained Anglia in Latin. Alfred the Great's interpretation of Orosius' history of the world uses Angelcynn (- kinfolk) to depict England and the English individuals; Bede utilized Angelfolc (- society); there are likewise such structures as Engel, Englan (the general population), Englaland, and Englisc, all indicating i-transformation.

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