Andrew of Austria (1558 - 1600) was the Margave of Burgau from 1578 until 1600, the Bishop of Constance from 1589 until 1600, and the Bishop of Brixen from 1591 until 1600.

Andrew was a son of Count Ferdinand II of the Tyrol and Philippine Welser. As the marriage was morganatic, Andrew would not be able to inherit his fathers lands so he was instead determined into a church life. Pope Gregory XIII made him a cardinal on 19 November 1576. In 1578 he became the Margrave of Burgau. He became the Bishop of Constance in 1589, and the Bishop of Brixen in 1591.

Andrew died on 2 December 1600 in Rome. He had two illegitimate children.

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Mark Sittich of Hohenems Bishop of Constance
1589 - 1600
Jacob Fugger
John Thomas of Spaur Bishop of Brixen
1591 - 1600
Christopher Andrew of Spaur

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