Amalhar (also called Amalarius) (c. 775 - c. 850) was the Archbishop of Trier from 809 until 814.

Amalhar was a pupil of Alkuin. In 809 he was appointed the Archbishop of Trier by Charlemagne. In 813 he sent to Constantinople by Charlemagne and visited the Emperor Michael I. In 814 he surrendered the archdiocese. Amalhar was a partisan of Charlemagne's heir Louis I the Pious, but that did not prevent the Emperor banning several of his works. He travelled to Rome in 831 to meet with Pope Gregory IV, and he arranged a new liturgy for Germany. He replaced Agobard, the Archbishop of Lyons, at the Synod of Diedenhofen in 835 and implemented liturgical reforms. In 338 he was accused of heresy, and at the Synod of Quiercy several of his teachings were banned. He died some time around c. 850 in Metz.

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Waso Archbishop of Trier
809 - 814