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Albert II the Wise (1298 - 1358) was the Duke of Austria and Styria (1330 - 1358), the Duke of Carinthia (1335 - 1358) and the Margrave of Carniola (1335 - 1358).

Albert the Wise was born on 12 December 1298 to the Habsburg Emperor Albert I and Elizabeth of Gorizia-Tyrol. After the death of his brother Frederick, Albert and his brother Otto co-ruled the Habsburg lands. Albert succeeded in gaining the inheritance of Carinthia and Carniola against John of Bohemia, which Otto then ruled.

Albert gained a reputation for his wisdom, and was thus asked by Pope Benedict XII to mediate the dispute between the Church and the Emperor Louis IV of Upper Bavaria in 1335. In 1337 King Philip IV of France also asked for his help in his disputes with the Emperor and King Edward III of England. Despite the mediations, Albert remained faithful to the Emperor until his death. Albert established the "Albertinian House Rule" which became the law of succession in the Habsburg domains, although it was only enacted by his descendant Maximilian I. Albert also wrote the constitutions of Styria and Carinthia, the so-called "Mountain Book". Albert also constructed the Gothic choir in the Cathedral of St. Stephan in Vienna, which is still known as the Albertinian Choir.

Albert fathered six children with Joan of Pfirt, the daughter of Count Ulrich III.

Children with Joan of PfirtEdit

  1. Rudolph (1 November 1339 - 27 July 1365)
  2. Catherine (1342 - 10 January 1381)
  3. Margraret (1346 - 14 January 1366)
  4. Frederick (1347 - 1362)
  5. Albert (9 September 1349 - 29 August 1395)
  6. Leopold (1 November 1351 - 9 July 1386)

Preceded by:

Albert the Wise

Succeeded by:

Frederick I Duke of Austria
1330 - 1358
with... Otto
1330 - 1335
Rudolph IV
Frederick I Duke of Styria
1330 - 1358
with... Otto
1330 - 1335
Rudolph II
Henry V Duke of Carinthia
1335 - 1358
with... Otto
1335 - 1339
Frederick & Rudolph IV
Henry Margrave of Carniola
1335 - 1358
with... Otto
1335 - 1339
Frederick I

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