Albert III with the Pigtail (1349 - 1395) was the Archduke of Austria (1365 - 1395), and Duke of Carinthia and Styria, and Margrave of Carniola (1365 - 1379).

Albert was the third son of Duke Albert II the Wise of the House of Habsburg. After his two elder brothers died without heirs, Albert became the ruler of the Austrian domain in 1365. After several years of quarelling, Albert split the Austrian domain with his brother Leopold in 1379 at the Treaty of Neuburg with Albert receiving Austria and Leopold receiving the rest. Albert's reign was beneficial to Austria. As a keen scholar he promoted the arts and science and he enlarged the University of Vienna. Albert went on Crusade in 1377 against the pagan Lithuanians and Samogitians in the Baltics of northern Europe.

Albert married twice. His first marriage to Elizabeth of Bohemia, the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV of Luxembourg, occurred on 19 March 1366 and was childless. His second marriage was to Beatrix of Nuremberg, and with her he had his only son and heir, Albert. Albert died in Castle Laxenburg on 29 August 1395, and was buried in the Ducal Crypt in the Cathedral of St. Stephan, Vienna.

Preceded by:

Albert III of Austria

Succeeded by:

Rudolph IV Archduke of Austria
1365 - 1395
Albert IV
Rudolph IV Duke of Carinthia
1365 - 1379
Leopold III
Rudolph II Duke of Styria
1365 - 1379
Leopold III
new creation Duke of Lower Austria
1379 - 1395
annexed to Austria
(Frederick IV)
Rudolph II Margrave of Carniola
1365 - 1379
Leopold III