Adolph I of Berg (German: Adolf I von Berg) (1157–1220) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1193 until 1205. Adolph is also called "Adolph I of Altena".

Early lifeEdit

Adolph was the second son of Eberhard I of Altena-Berg. In 1177 he joined the Cathedral of Cologne, becoming a Provost in 1191.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Adolph became the Archbishop of Cologne following the resignation of his uncle, Bruno III of Berg. He provided for the release of King Richard I Lion-Heart of England in 1194.He was an avowed opponent of the hereditary monarchic plans of King Henry VI, and on Christmas in 1205 he rejected Henry's plans to have his son Frederick Roger (later the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II Stupor Mundi) recognised as heir to the German throne. He gave up resistance in August 1197 at the election held in Boppard with the other Prince-Electors. After Henry's death in 1197 he realised that it didn't matter who he voted for to become the German king as the Hohenstaufens were pressuring the other electors, but on 12 July 1198 he crowned Otto of Brunswick as the German King in Aachen in opposition to the Hohenstaufen Philip of Swabia.

Pope Innocent III soon recognised the coronation as he had an interest in weaking Hohenstaufen power, especially in Italy. On the 6th January 1205 he was forced to officially crown with the Imperial Insignia Philip of Swabia, who had also taken the German kingship in 1198 and had been crowned in Mainz Cathedral. For this Innocent III deposed Adolph on 19 June 1205, and Bruno IV of Sayn replaced him.

Life After the ArchbishopricEdit

When Bruno was taken prisoner by Philip of Swabia following the Battle of Wasserberg, Adolph again ruled the Archbishopric. However after Bruno was released in 1207 they struggled for power. In 1208 Innocent confirmed Bruno as the Archbishop and Adolph spent the rest of his life as an active bishop in the archdiocese.

Preceded by:

Arolph I of Berg

Succeeded by:

Bruno III of Berg Archbishop of Cologne
1193 - 1208
Bruno IV of Sayn

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