Adalbert II of Saarbrücken (? - 17 July 1141) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 1138 until 1141.

Adalbert was the nephew of Adalbert I of Saarbrücken, Archbishop of Mainz. Adalbert was educated in Mainz, Hildesheim, Paris, Rheims, and Montpelier. His relation with Adalbert I induced the latter to bestow upon him several provostries in Erfurt and Mainz. Adalbert I died in 1137 and the see of Mainz remained vacant as King Conrad III wanted it filled with a man of his party. Adalbert was chosen in 1138 because of the growing trouble between the Hohenstauffens and the Welfs in which Adalbert might have been able to secure Erfurt and Thuringia. Adalbert was unable to do much, and died in Erfurt in 1141. His remains were buried in Mainz.

Preceded by:

Adalbert II of Saabrücken

Succeeded by:

Adalbert I of Saarbrücken Archbishop of Mainz
1138 - 1141

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