Adalbero of Luxembourg (German: Adalbero von Luxemburg) (? - 1036/7) was the Anti-Archbishop of Trier in 1008.

Adalbero was a son of Count Siegfried I of Luxembourg and a brother of Kunigunde, the wife of the Emperor Henry II. Supported by his family, Adalbero seized the Archbishopric of Trier in 1008 after the death of Ludolph despite the cathedral chapter electing Megingod, the cathedral provost in Mainz. Adalbero placed himself inside the fortress of Moselbrücke. Megingod, supported by the Pope and the Emperor, invaded and captured the city of Trier but could not take the archbishop's palace. The emperor's troops surrounded the palace and induced Adalbero to leave for a small remuneration. But soon after the emperor left Adalbero again seized Trier and forced Megingod to flee to Coblenz.

After Megingod's death in 1015 Adalbero seemed to be the undisputed master of the archbishopric, but the cathedral chapter with the support of the pope and emperor elected Poppo of Babenberg, son of Margrave Leopold I of Austria, archbishop instead. Poppo easily repelled Adalbero, but sparked a long running feud with the House of Luxembourg in the process. When Poppo left to go on Crusade, Adalbero and his father devastated the Archdiocese. Adalbero seemed to have ruled a small portion of the county of Luxembourg himself, and died in 1036 or 1037.

Preceded by:

Adalbero of Luxembourg

Succeeded by:

Ludolph Archbishop of Trier
opposing... Megingod